People within the Olympic village in Rio are unable to purchase coffee due to a ‘no coffee at the Olympics village’ rule.

Yes. this is true and sad news. Usain Bolt has previously been quoted to perform best on an espresso 20 minutes before his race. What will the Jamaican gold medallist do now? Quietly snort it on the sidelines. Sneak it in via a can of Coca Cola? (I mean it kind of looks similar?)

no coffee at the olympics usain

When Usain found out about the ‘no coffee at the Olympics’ rule.

How Usain Bolt survives without his pre-race espresso

In reality, he probably has his own aero-press/coffee machine/coffee making minion handy in the locker room. Imagine the smell of freshly brewed coffee drifting up into the stands. Coffee deprived spectators will be beside themselves. If they manage to stay awake. Luckily for them, sponsor Coca-Cola has enough caffeinated sugar to keep them alert for the entirety of the events.

Not all of us are lucky (or unlucky ?) enough to be at the Olympics, but if you’re a coffee shop owner, now is the time to hone your marketing tactics.


Tips to leverage your sales during the Olympic coffee shortage crisis.

1. Sell A Special Olympics Espresso

Call it what you like. My fave is ‘Train Usain’.

Offer customers a shot of espresso before their morning workout at a discounted price. If you’re into the whole coconut oil and butter in your coffee thing, you could offer a last minute ‘Olympics’ blended beverage.

Try out this bullet-proof recipe.

Let your bleary-eyed customers know that there may be no morning coffee at the Olympics, but there’s plenty at your coffee house.

2. Run A Competition With Staff And Stream It On Social Media

‘Are you training Usain?

Give staff a shot of espresso and film them carrying out Olympic tasks for your social media channels.

You could even do a before and after, over exaggerated ‘OMG I’m so wired, so ready for this’  type of staged hilarity. It might not be hilarious for those watching it, but it’s something to keep your staff fit and limber during the Olympics isn’t it?

This could have two results;hyperactive staff who are shaking strangely by 10am or an over productive team for the duration of the Olympics. Either way, both outcomes will benefit your business (but maybe not your team) in the short term.

no coffee at olympics no problem

3. Create your own hashtags

Simple marketing of 2016 but sometimes totally missed by some coffee companies.

To introduce hashtags takes time and the Olympics is nearly over- eek!

To keep highlighting the ‘no coffee at the Olympics’ rule, you can start your campaign now for a post-Olympics marketing drive.

Every image on Instagram you post should include your personalised Olympics espresso related hashtag. Every bio and social media post on all your social media should include it too.

For example #trainsmooth #shotofusain #espressopresso*. You should be encouraging others to use it when they snap your coffee or mention you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you’re not using it, then why would they?

*So the above are not my best hashtag suggestions, but it’s been a long coffee-less day.

Your millennial staff will already have a tonne of hashtag ideas to create a successful social media campaign that will boost your coffee place or cafe.

Use it to promote offers, launch a new coffee or boost slow sales.

Don’t forget Snapchat! How many ‘cappuccino-sippers’ in your restaurant do you see snapping away?

Everyone is on it, every minute of the bloody day. Don’t get me started on the  ‘flowers in their hair’ filter, it’s already all over my Instagram feed.

no coffee olympics snapchat

If you need a background for your Snapchat campaign, there’s even a service for that ‘Filtrme’ . Check it out.

4. Make An Infographic Of How To Make The Perfect Espresso For Workouts.

Making espressos  is easy, though?

It’s not for those poor souls who have only just been introduced to the realms of espresso machines and Nespresso’s.

As a Delonghi owner, I prefer to have an espresso before or with breakfast. Without fail, the consumption of a dark, double espresso before a morning run, is an essential part of my everyday being. Spectators will see me sprinting around pavements like Usain ( I definitely don’t imagine myself as an Olympic sprinter during my (pretty fast) 4 milers ;-))

Without a morning shot of espresso, my clumsy self really cannot function.

I am one of the privileged few. Having worked as a barista in my ‘youf’. Those without this heightened coffee making knowledge and skill, actually sometimes don’t know how to use their fancy new coffee machine. No matter how long they study the coffee machine manual, it is still an alien, stood alone in the corner of their coffee-less kitchen.

no coffee at olympics

Give them a helping hand making coffee:

Your Infographic could include a step by step guide that includes; buying the coffee, making it and the end result: Them as a fitter and faster human being who can achieve anything. Yeah I know, I’m an ideas machine today, right? You can use Canva to easily make infographics (even if you’re graphically challenged like me.)

For those poor spectators with no coffee at the Olympics, owners of their own espresso making machine can be smug knowing that they have better coffee than them. Even if it is in a tatty, stuffy kitchen in north London.

There you go, a quick few thoughts on how to leverage the ‘no coffee at the Olympics’ rule whilst it’s still happening.

Make your espresso the centre of your next marketing success.

#Youcandoit. #trainusain #espressopresso

Written by emilyrosedallara

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