Your healthy food brand looks great, your product tastes even better.

But is your marketing message up to scratch?

Learn 3 techniques that will make your food marketing even better.

Marketing and branding your health food business well, in an increasingly competitive market is more important than ever.

Startup health food businesses are quickly becoming more prevalent, especially in the UK. Their health food product branding and marketing tactics are cool, relatable and personable.

Food businesses with healthy food retail lines have hooked on to something unique.

They make products that people feel good about eating and they cater to their niche market needs.

Sufferers of food intolerances, allergies and dietary requirements no longer have to live in fear or go without tasty snacks. The abundance of healthy food companies ensures there is a product for every health food need.

Healthy food product branding and packaging is labelled with ‘ Grain Free’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Paleo’, ‘Sugar-free’, Vegan’.

Their target markets are segmented and targeted precisely.

They also manage to include those consumers without special dietary requirements.

These mass market customers also tap into these ‘healthy food and snack products’ simply with the supposed knowledge that they are ‘healthier options’ and good for them.

I have been known to buy things because; they’re pretty, in my favourite colours (purple and green) or have the words ‘sugar-free’, ‘dairy free’ ‘gluten free’ on them.

Health conscious consumers absorb these marketing tactics and fall hook line and sinker. I have seen branding for rice that says ‘gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free’.

No Sh*t.

It bloody work’s though, doesn’t it?!

Health Food Product Pricing

Price isn’t an issue when it comes to health these days and health food businesses, with the right branding and  marketing are benefiting from it. Back in February 2016 a report showed that when it comes to spending, consumers are more likely to focus on their health.

Health (food) holds no price tag.

Consumers are willing to spend more on the hunt for organic, healthy food products and pay more for that luxury.

Even boutique, healthy chocolate is doing well in the food industry. According to James who writes for healthy eater, flavonols contained in dark chocolate that supposedly lower blood sugar could be the science behind the increased sales.

The idea that organic, natural products are better for the consumer, rather than highly processed crap is opening more room in a highly saturated chocolate market. Of course, there is an ongoing brand price war, but ultimately if consumers can buy higher quality products, with a not so unreasonable price tag, but overall seem to be more driven by quality, then marketers will have a field day

Given the choice, what would you choose; a sugar-free, organic, nothing added bar of super food deliciousness such as Doisy & Dam (try their maca, vanilla and cocoa nib OMG!) or your  standard, over manufactured, tasteless dairy milk? The organic, good for you option wins hands down!

health food marketing chocolate

Health food conscious consumers will eat less of the healthy product, due to the high level of quality ingredients and higher price. Theyhopefullypeuflly) savour it for longer and feel ‘good’ about eating it rather than over indulge on powdery, bulked up rubbish that makes them feel bad both emotionally and physically.

Do you see where I am going with this? We all know paying for decent quality products means a better result in regards to health, and your customers will pay it if it makes them feel good.

It makes eating healthily more doable, if slightly less affordable.

The question is, what makes them choose your health food product from the hundreds of attractive healthy food products  that line high street food stores and online sites? 

The answer is simply:

  1. Niche Marketing
  2. Story telling
  3. Consistency and reliability.

The above 3 have worked for me and three other startup brands. Heres how you can achieve marketing success for your small food business by simply changing, adapting and focusing on the above.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is knowing exactly who your ideal customer is in a larger target market and focusing on them solely. By drilling down your target market and only speaking to those who your products will really benefit will help your sales pitches and help you become an expert and influencer in your field. The ability to talk to a small area of your target market and solve their problems better is more beneficial than trying to be an ‘everyone’s man’. 

I used to have a sauce retail line back in the day and we knew that our consumers were those with; a higher income, interested in supporting local businesses, loved sauces and condiments and were health conscious. 

As a niche food business, we  knew that people who bought tomato ketchup and highly processed sauces were not our market. 

They were an equal balance of men and women with families or in a couple who wanted to live a non-processed diet and regularly attended food events. 

Our people earnt more disposable income and appreciated high quality, fresh tasting and good for you products.

They wanted food that was presented in hand crafted, locally sourced rustic packaging . We knew what our market needed and they knew that we wanted the best for them too. We had a relationship based on a mutual appreciation for ‘ bloody good food’.


Niche target marketing for healthy food brand

The Paleo Foods Company took the risk and jumped right into the health food trend that is the ‘Paleo Diet’. Having been around a few years now the diet is widely known in the UK and globally. The Paleo Food Company provide; gluten free, grain free and dairy free products that customers feel safe eating. Their niche target markets are those that need something quick, low carb and low sugar to eat. A meal or snack that is not going to ruin their Paleo lifestyle and contains no hidden nasties. ( ‘’Grain Free Granola’ meets all their needs. ( read my review here)

As quoted for the BBC , Kirsty Sharman from Webfluential states: “With social media and technology flooding the internet…it’s essential that brands find a way to break through the noise.”

It’s time to really think about who your market is and talk to them directly. Solve their problems consistently and price your products to their requirements. They will keep coming back.

Remember! It won’t happen over night, marketing takes time and trial and error, so don’t beat your self up if you don’t success the first few times!

Story Telling

Every good food brand has a story behind it. Where did they come from? Why create a health food brand? What issues with food or health did they face? Why are they making this product for you and how did they get started?

These are all customer questions that the right health food marketing tactics should automatically answer.

Take Ape Snacks for example. They’re a small startup company with huge growth potential. They currently only stock two healthy snack coconut products that are perfect for the busy, health food snack consumer.

story telling your healthy food brand

Visiting their website takes the focus off the product and moves the reader to their background story. Using emotional and nostalgic marketing tactics, Zack the creator tells his story about the support he has received from his parents to build the company.

His mother is his inspiration, and his mission is to just ‘be awesome…and make snacking better’.

Simple. That’s all he wants for you and his brand.

That’s pretty cool, right?

Zack is instantly likeable and his drive and entrepreneurial skills to prove his parents right is what draws you in. The idea that he can create an amazing health food product that is manufacturable and tasty, at the age of 19 is pretty incredible.

Hell, I would buy his coconut curls just for that.

That’s why storytelling works so well. The storytelling marketing tactic connects you to the businesses energy and you want to be their number one supporter. Whether you buy the product or not, you are immediately affected and want their business journey to be a success.

Consistent health food marketing is about quality content and reliability of delivery.

A company that continuously do this well, are The Protein Works.

Their company name tells consumers exactly what they are: A protein company that makes products,  that work.

They focus on the quality and accessibility of their products and less on the aesthetics of their branding. This works in their favour, buyers know what to expect when they see their branding. The quality talks for itself,  they don’t need fancy packaging to make their customers buy it.

They are clean cut, open and tell you exactly what you need to know. I am a long time purchaser of their hero product Whey Product 80 Concentrate . I would consider myself part of their large market for women. These women want to use protein to supplement their workouts and are health conscious in regards to gluten free eating and gut health. They don’t want protein to be high calorie or high carb ( in my case!)

protein works healthy food brand

The Protein Works are consistent with their pricing offers and marketing. They look after their loyal customers and build relationships with  each of their segmented target markets. They know exactly what their customer want and give them the best product and service every time.

Their consistency and clever marketing mean’s they know what you want, when and how much you will pay for it.

Take a look at your marketing, does your product deliver what your marketing promises? Is your target market happy every time? Do you have relationships with your customers?

If yes, then you’re on the right tracks.

The Best Way To Market Your Health Food Business

The best way to market a health food business isn’t a ‘one mould fit’s all’ approach.

Focusing your efforts on a niche market, storytelling and providing consistent and reliable marketing and branding will ensure you have a better chance at increasing your health food product sales and gain a loyal following.

Written by emilyrosedallara

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