If you’ve seen their YouTube videos, you’ll see that Mark and Leigh are two guys with a joint mission: To help every child be healthy.

Here’s what they’re doing to make that a reality ( and how you can get in on it! )

Water In A Carton Isn’t So Simple

Spring Water in a carton just for kids. Simple right? But believe it or not, the concept has never been developed. Until now.

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Wubl World

If you have kids, you’ve probably tried multiple times to encourage them to drink more water and steer them away from sugary, colourful drinks.

The lads over at WUBL had that problem too. When Mark, co-founder of WUBL popped out to do the Saturday shop with his wife, she had a life-changing thought ( not that they knew it then ). ‘No one does cartoned spring water for kids.’ Mark took the thought home with him, hashed it out with his wife, and started idea storming.

Mark, a marketer from the world of education was constantly being triggered by how ‘ all the products aimed at his little girl Daisy’s age (3.5 years old) were either full of sugar or full of sweeteners. He wanted to create ‘some kind of fun and healthy alternative.’ Why couldn’t it be as simple as water?

In 2013, Mark took the idea of cartoned spring water to Leigh Tilley, a long time donor to the university where Mark was heading up fundraising. Leigh who’s background is in investment banking, specifically in Project Management and Software, had the skills Mark was missing to create a digital world of play, to go along with the water. As a result, WUBL World was born.

As you know, life has a tendency to throw curve balls, (to make you stronger, I always say!) On July 2nd 2013 during his morning commute, Leigh suffered a massive brain clot in his neck.

This led to six strokes.

Thankfully, Leigh recovered slowly but surely through; Yoga, meditation and naturopathic treatment. After his life-changing moment, he was even more determined to focus on health and his business goals.

Leigh’s now driving the business forward with Mark. Leigh behind the tech, Mark behind the communications and marketing.

The perfect WUBL team.

WUBL Water In a carton

Parents and local businesses have been quick to support and understand the brand mission and the guys’ product. The pair are attracting ‘industry people’ who offer precious feedback and mentoring. Their approach is always steady, non-rushed and methodical.

A refreshing change from the usual fast-paced, rapid growth startup approach in the health and food industry.

The past four years have been a complete learning curve, they’ve had success but also ‘wasted a lot of time delegating.’ Their past learned management skills, have played a huge part in helping them to make important, sometimes difficult decisions required to move the business forward.

Getting WUBL out there

Moving from idea to production wasn’t a simple process- what good thing ever is? Even securing the right contact for the factories they were focused on to manufacture WUBL Water, was a mission.

But, where emails don’t work, pretty things (sometimes) do….

The men began working with an amazing world-class artist on their branding.

He nailed it.

The result? See it for yourself in their first production run video below.

WUBL The Brand

WUBL the brand is simply about supporting children’s health and hydration.

The team are slowly developing a community based on ‘ WUBL World ‘ The product is just the beginning. Think WUBL characters, interactive games and kids meetups. The goal is to position WUBL as the drink children recognise as fun. The first one they reach for in shops, cafes, restaurants and all the other places parents go out with their kids.

WUBL are different, they’ve courageously started with a minimal budget, and have managed to use savings to fund production and supplier costs. They’re hard workers who don’t send out salespeople. They’re at the front of the line handing out samples, meeting with farm shops and other establishments. They’re telling their stories and testing out their WUBL World software with children at playgroups and preschools.

When asked about one of their proudest moments so far, Mark and Leigh say ‘ it was watching a group of pre-schoolers choose WUBL Water cartons over the sugary drinks in the drinks fridge, then become glued to the WUBL game (at one of the meetups).

In that shared moment, they knew they were onto something big.

WUBL Goals

Mark and Leigh have a never-ending flow of innovative ideas for WUBL. They want to develop more digital products, explore the idea of TV, publish books and even delve into the world of toy manufacturing. All whilst raising awareness about hydration and nutrition for children. Because, at the end of the day, their main goal is to ‘share how to keep little ones healthy.’

You can find WUBL’s Mark, his daughter Daisy and Leigh down at Hobbledown Theme Park in Surrey, getting kids hooked on the WUBL brand, hydrating them with WUBL Water and sharing the excitement of WUBL World.

There’s no doubt about it, Mark and Leigh are on to something. They’re a prime example of ‘slowly wins the race’.

Now I’m off to give my best friend’s three-year-old a taste of her first WUBL water. I think she’s going to be mind blown. Watch this space.

Check the guys and their WUBL World out here:

Corporate page: two2three2four.com
WUBLWorld: wubl.world
Youtube: wubl.world
Facebook: wubl.world
Twitter: wubl.world
Instagram: wubl.world

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