You’ve probably figured: Copywriting and Marketing Consulting for; food, beverage and techy-type businesses like yours is what I do.

It takes real time to craft copy and content that is marketable, engaging and capable of reaching the customers and audience you want.

Do you have a head full of ideas, but no idea how to get your story in front of the people you want to see it?

Let me help…

Website Copywriting

Blog Writing

Marketing/Promotional Material Writing

Content Marketing


Fun Stuff: Ideas & Marketing Advice

Bounce off me, let’s create awesome-ness together.

My entire working (and life) background is in the health and food industries. So I kinda’ know what works, what doesn’t and what’s on trend. I love idea storming and pulling ideas out of your busy head and will help you create some kind of plan.

If you like bullet points, simply put, I do:

Copy Writing for:

– Websites


-Social Media Profile Pages



– Guides




-All promotional materials

– Content Writing for Blogs/posts

Let’s talk.