emily rose dallaraAn experienced Copywriter and Marketing Consultant, with an infatuation for healthy food, handing out gut health advice whenever I can and hot climates. 

My time is spent flitting between the UK, Asia and European countries. You will usually find me in an air conditioned cafe during the week, then adventuring, biking, running and climbing waterfalls on long weekends.

Living in cool, startup, tech environments means, I’ve had the chance to tap into the minds of seriously awesome people and watch startups grow from nothing to million dollar turnovers in a matter of months.

I’m lucky to have learnt from the best of them.

Copywriting properly every time gives me a buzz. Luckily, I have the ability to really help growing health, food and beverage businesses like yours, achieve dreams. Success and client happiness is my goal, and this is something I always work towards.

I love my job.

Why Food, Drink and Health, though?

I have a vested interest in both the food and health industries, due to working in hospitality and food for years. Maybe in my past life, I served you in restaurants, cafes, fish and chip shops, cocktail bars and health spas?

Hello again 😉

I gained a CIBTAC in Nutrition ( and aesthetics) in 2010 and this kick started a re-evaluation of my own health. I became obsessed with the field, which inter-twined greatly with my second obsession of consuming (a lot of ) delicious, wholesome food.

street food business

With a business partner, I set up a street food ‘boat’ in 2011. From there, I learnt the in’s and out’s of successfully; building, running and marketing a brand. Our business was known on a national scale, appearing in articles featured in the Guardian and on advertising campaigns and events for the likes of MIF (Manchester, UK) and Trinity Kitchen (Leeds, UK.)

Geek Alert!

I really, genuinely enjoy studying and learning. I studied for my Business Degree whilst running the street food business. This helped greatly in strategising, operations and planning marketing tactics.

It was during that time I launched the blog pressupsandprosecco.

My blog posts focused on a balanced lifestyle. The blog encompassed both my passions; food and health. I used it as the subject of my final Uni project and achieved a First Class Honors. Yipee!

Since then, I have advised and helped food, health and many other businesses by creating engaging copy and marketing their business to the correct audience on the right platforms.

What I do now

Now I pretty much do what it says in my title. Copywrite about and for the health, food and beverage industry, with a bit of marketing advice and brainstorming added in, to spice it up a bit.

I am based in Europe (hey, I love the sun and adventure!) However I have clients worldwide and you will sometimes find me back up in the North of England, taking in some fresh sea air and indulging in proper Yorkshire foods.